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A Comfortable Consistent Reflection of Motherhood/Parenthood

Jessica (the host) had the amazing idea to learn "motherhood" as a future mama by interviewing mothers on a variety of topics. This approach really helps dig out the details of the mothers she has on the show, and allows for a variety and diversity of thought that is hard to find anywhere else. There's no bias here, just good content. Highly recommend to all future and current parents! As a father and husband, I've learned a lot.

Love it

Jess has created a wonderful platform for women to share their stories. She’s an empathetic host and asks thoughtful questions of her guests, which makes for a really interesting and informative listening experience. Thanks for creating a really important podcast!

The Best

Such informative and positive messaging for ANYONE stepping into the role of motherhood or thinking about becoming a parent. Sharing our personal experiences sheds new perspective on what might be otherwise be felt like a journey alone. <3

Fantastic Podcast

I love this podcast! She interviews so many people different and I love listening to all their stories!

Empowered Women, Empower Women

Jess was phenomenal to work with; timely, organized and a huge thought leader. She has created a platform to showcase stories so that women can relate, connect and learn. When you think of shifting a culture from isolation to togetherness, you need everyone and everything to be involved. I love what Jess is going. Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe!

Love this podcast!

Jessica has a calming warmth that makes the listener feel incredibly at ease and engaged. So grateful she is sharing these personal experiences of motherhood with all of us. Thank you, Jessica, for creating such a beautiful village for mamas and mamas-to-be!

Love love love

Jess has the most soothing voice and is such a wonderful host. The content is diverse and gives every type of listener something to enjoy and relate to.

Be Prepared

This podcast is a fun, informative, and educational podcast for parents, pre-parents, and anyone curious to know more about what it’s really like having children. I love that Jess has a desire to learn as much as she can about all things parenting before she begins her own adventure. Overall a really enjoyable podcast! Keep up in the informative work!! There is everything right about trying to be prepared for this journey!


I love this podcast! It’s so fresh and real. There are so many real moms (and parents) with such great tips, advice and stories to share. I also love Jessica’s soft demeanor, warm heart and inviting presentation with each new episode!

We are all in this together!

As a new Mom I am finding that even with a fuller heart there can be moments of feeling alone. This podcast has been an amazing reminder that we are all in this together!! Kudos to Jessica, our host for showcasing these stories in a beautiful way. I love listening to the pumping podcast on my commute to and from picking up our baby girl. Makes the time away pass a little quicker!

Love it!

Pumping has always been my least favorite part of motherhood. I actually pumped while listening and laughing long and hard through EP 3! Soooo much no one tells you!

Informative and fun podcast

As a mother who pumps it can often be an isolating experience, this is a refreshing and informative podcast allowing me to learn, while feeling inspired by other women. A great way to pass the time.

Showcases our differences and strengths as mamas!

Our journeys are all so different and this podcast highlights and explores so many experiences and journeys to parenthood. It’s about time we talk about all the dirties, the uglies and the funnies along with the beauty of raising children. Kudos to Jessica for being thoughtful and caring in her interviews and allowing each participant to tell their story differently.

Performing Mama loving this podcast!

It’s so nice to hear such varying, important, honest viewpoints from Mamas! What a refreshing podcast!

Love love love!

Love listening to all of the mamas! I’m a mom of a toddler and I feel that the more mom support the better! So inspirational and encouraging.

Thank you!!

Just listened to the Broadway mama episode. As someone who is an actor considering children, this was super helpful and inspiring!


I’m in the thick of this with a one month old, and it’s a pleasure to listen as I sit on the couch between feeds, bouncing my sweet little snuggler who refuses to be set down, or the off chance I make it outside to walk the dog. Thank you for normalizing so much of the postpartum “uh, wat??” for moms and moms to be!

Mama's you're not alone

Honest and raw interviews of moms sharing their journey. Heartfelt, open and relatable.

Normalizing Motherhood

This podcast is so helpful in normalizing the stigma around motherhood. There's a lot of things that are still taboo to talk about, but that needs to change ASAP. It's 2019 for heaven's sake! Jessica is a trailblazer in this genre. She is thoughtful in her questions and an expert at listening to her guests share these valubale stories. I think every human being should listen to this podcast for the good of mankind. Enjoy!

Such an original podcast

Love this podcast and the view points it brings to this parenting journey. I’m excited to hear more!

We are not alone

This podcast gives me such comfort as a mother and woman who has experienced the immense joy AND pain of birthing a child.

This Just Hits Home!

This podcast just hits home. It's said over and over again that it takes a village to raise children. I think it takes a village to raise mothers. We all need to hear these stories to take comfort in our own journeys. Every story is just one variation of normal and it's so refreshing to hear the variety of stories, and yet the familiar feeling that comes from listening to all of them. Thank you for putting together some easy listening that is so relatable and needed!

So refreshing!

This is such a refreshing podcast. So honest and inspiring! Thank you for sharing real stories and for providing community for mamas everywhere!