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Great topics

I love that there is a wide variety of topics for me to listen to! There are so many aspects of pregnancy and parenting that I love to learn about, and things that come up that I never thought about. I can find all of those in this podcast!

So happy I found this podcast!

Happy to have found this podcast as a great resource for aspiring future mamas! Jessica does a great job of picking topics and bringing in great experts to help listeners prepare for motherhood!

So Important!

I love how Jessica addresses important topics that benefit mamas and their families! This is such an necessary subject matter to bring awareness to! 💖

Much Needed Podcast

I love that there is a podcast fully dedicated to becoming a mama. We train for so many things in our life but somehow just jump into motherhood. Jessica brings on amazing guests and asks great questions to help others prepare for this life altering season. The work starts before and this podcast is such a great help!

Great podcast

I have enjoyed listening to this podcast as a pregnant person and new mom. There are lots of unique ideas and supportive conversation.

Wonderful content for moms at all stages

Love how Jess brings new timely, on point content each week with super inspiring and helpful guests. This podcast is everything you need for pregnancy, to prepare for motherhood, and to living into motherhood with intention! Love this podcast.

So helpful!!

This podcast is not only impeccably produced but insanely informative!! I’m so glad I found it and feel so empowered and informed from each incredible episode. Jessica the host is not only thorough asking incredible questions but also thoughtful and sensitive as she approaches a wide variety of topics with her guests!! A++++

Informative, inspiring, bold

On this podcast, you can find all the information you need to prepare for motherhood, from practical to emotional and spiritual. It’s a great mix of information and inspiration, and it doesn’t shy away from controversial topics. Love it!

Excellent Topics, Content,

I absolutely love the wide range of topics covered by other mamas and professionals in their fields. Jessica a great host, learning tons, while sharing that information with so many other women and mothers/mothers-to-be. Jessica asks all the right questions for inquiring mothers on a broad range of topics. The information is so wonderful and I can tell she truly cares about the topics as well as getting out to other women. Thank you so much for sharing this with the world Jess! You are empowering women to learn about their options, advocate for themselves, and build community. Grateful to be listening along with you!

Great information for parents

I was so happy when I came across this podcast. I am now pregnant with my first, but started listening long before. Love that there is so much great information here to help for all stages and preparing! Highly recommend!

An empowering listen

Jess is the perfect combination of empowering and empathetic—her podcast gives a realistic glimpse of the pregnancy, birth and postpartum process, recognizing how hard it can be but highlighting the beauty and joy nonetheless. Mamas in Training is a must-listen for anyone preparing to embark on the motherhood journey who is looking to counter the mainstream media perspective of fear with one of hope and joy.

So much good info!

As a soon-to-be mom this podcast is chalk-full of great info! I love that the episodes are manageable too & still so informative. Jessica does a great job of getting topics together I have questions about or things I didn't know I had questions about. Subscribe & save your favorites.

Essential listening for aspiring and expecting mothers

Jessica Lorion has provided a safe, intelligent and informative space for everyone interested in the many facets of planning, expecting and caring for a baby. For all the women who ever heard their mothers birth story and winced, this podcast will gently hold your hand as you understand the power you have over your own journey. I have no doubt that the words of Jessica and her wonderful guests have been an incredible comfort to her listeners in times of uncertainty and worry. It is true that knowledge is power and Mamas in Training clearly knows this. Recommended to all my curious friends, family and current mothers I know. PS: I'm not a mum or planning yet so don't let that stop you from learning the ropes! This is for everyone

Great resource for preparing for motherhood

Love what Jessica is doing here to support the preconception stage of life. There’s so much to be gained from taking the intentional time to prepare your mind, body and spirit for such a transformational life event. Jessica does such a great job of bringing a bunch of resources to the table. Highly recommend!

Thank you for sharing your story

This podcast was the best one I had listened to for a while I loved the truth and honesty that Jessica shared, The podcast I listened to was Episode 94 where Jessica shared har an amazing story about why she started a podcast. Thank you for sharing your story,

I feel less alone

I absolutely love this podcast! It's so real and honest about everything in motherhood. There have been so many times while listening to it that I thought the speaker took the words right out of my head or that I finally had words for things I was feeling and didn't know how to put it into words. I have recommended this to so many of mom friends. The Facebook group is so up lifting and I love all the different topics that are covered. This has become a nightly listen for me or when I driving I listing. I cannot recommend this podcast enough!

Jessica is a beacon of guidance for mamas to be

Jessica is pioneering the path for mamas to be. A champion and a beacon of knowledge- she goes out of her way to make sure mamas in training will have all the accessible knowledge they need to! We usually see new moms going through their journey and then going back to help other new moms. Jessica has flipped the stereotype and I am confident that all her resources are going to help SO MANY MAMMAS! I loved being a guest on the show and sharing my knowledge of health insurance for maternity coverage for mamas all over the nation.

Incredibly valuable for all mamas & mamas to be

As a first time mom, I’ve learned so much from Jess and her guests! This podcast offers real, raw, and valuable stories that help normalize the pregnancy and postpartum experience. A must listen!!

For anyone who is or wants to be a mom…

Jess’s podcast is perfect. She is real, raw, and relevant when it comes to covering any and all topics relating to motherhood.

I recommend this to all aspiring, expecting, and current moms

Jessica Is such an incredible resource and gift when it comes to having important conversations about motherhood. She’s easy to relate to you, enjoyable to listen to you, and bring such valuable information

I wish we had all this knowledge

Jessica and her guests provide so much, valuable info to expecting and planning moms! As a parent I can say that I desperately wish we had the advice, knowledge and resources they offer.

Always learning together

Not only is Jessica’s openness to learning right along side of all of us women and her passion and empathy for mama life so very clear, her voice is so very soothing and joyful to listen to. Even as a birth professional, I have learned so much from Mamas In Training. I often recommend this podcast not only women thinking about becoming a mom but seasoned moms and their partners. I love that Jessica is committed to learning and giving a space for all the parts of motherhood. The good, the bad, and the ugly of parenting. Thank you Jessica for the work you do!

A must for motherhood

Great podcast for expecting mothers and into motherhood. Always providing great content, educational topics and supportive environment. Would highly recommend!

Thoughtful, vulnerable and important information

Love this podcast and the tone Jessica sets for mamas. Bringing the truths of motherhood to the forefront as a way to prepare new moms and help those in the trenches is so wonderful and needed! Thank you for delivering so much information in such a loving and supportive way ❤️

So relatable!

Jessica reached out to me on Instagram when I posted somewhere about having a difficult experience as a motherless single mama. I’ve been so fearful going at it without much support but she recommended two Mamas in Training shows that were so inspiring! One was on single mamas and another on motherless mamas. Hearing their stories revived my hope and confidence. I then listened to a bunch of other episodes and have enjoyed how each interview is conducted: with rawness and passion. A must listen for all mamas to be❤️

So helpful!

Jessica and her guests give so much good advice from different perspectives to all new and expecting mamas out there. Whatever you’re anxious about or wish you had more info on, listen in and you’ll feel more at peace and prepared to keep on being the mom you’re meant to be. ⭐️

Mama's you're not alone

Honest and raw interviews of moms sharing their journey. Heartfelt, open and relatable. The best ever!!

Love this podcast!

Jessica is the perfect hostess for this podcast. She has such a great heart for wanting to help future and new mamas out there. I wish I had this before I became a mom! Bingeable!

A must listen for all mamas!

As an expectant, first time mama, Jess’s podcast has been an invaluable resource to me. Her thoughtful, compassionate, relatable conversations not only educate, but also foster such a beautiful sense of community. Her wide range of guests, and their experiences and perspectives, provide wonderful REAL LIFE tips and make you feel like you are not alone as you navigate the journey, at all states of and in all types of motherhood. Thank you Jess!!

A must for new and expecting moms

This podcast is wonderful. Jessica’s energy is calming and inquisitive. I love that she is exploring these topics not just to share with us but for her own journey one day when she has a baby. Her guests are knowledgeable and the interviews are meaningful and enjoyable.