May 12, 2021

EP69- Loving Yourself and Your Body Postpartum with Catie McHardy

EP69- Loving Yourself and Your Body Postpartum with Catie McHardy

Catie McHardy joins us to share how she has mastered her confidence through her journey into motherhood. She gives us tools that we can implement when pregnant, that can serve us through delivery, into our motherhood journey, and so much more. Catie is a Postpartum Cheerleader/Mentor, empowering women to be confident and unapologetic in their bodies and business! She talks of the effect our past can have on us later in life and how that influences our body confidence and positivity. Stay tuned and enjoy!


Join us in this episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast and learn from Catie McHardy how to love yourself and your body.


The Other Side of Pregnancy

After having her first daughter, Catie realized something: everyone talks about the beauty of pregnancy and having a baby, but not the challenges and pains. There was no preparation about how her body will change, what will happen during pregnancy and in postpartum. Catie did not know what to expect, and upon looking at herself in the mirror, she was shocked at the difference in her body after the pregnancy. 

Looking forward, the third baby was Catie’s most challenging pregnancy due to her body not taking a break from the second. It was that time when she started to not put herself first and not take care of her body enough. With the help of her husband, she began to do things for herself – she went to the gym three days a week. Seeing the difference from that made Catie learn to accept herself and her body and shifted her mindset, which she shared online to inspire other mothers out there as well. At present, Catie gives tips through her Instagram account for women to be positive about their postpartum bodies. She believes that verbalizing the positive shifts out the negative energy, making you feel the strongest. Catie proves from her experience that being able to accept yourself as it is after pregnancy radiates to your family, from your husband to your children, because mothers are the energies of their homes.

Learn more from Catie McHardy’s personal development that led her to love her postpartum self in this episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast!


About Catie McHardy:

Catie McHardy is a postpartum cheerleader/mentor and a mother of four children. As she says, she tends to be a little loud and loves to talk, and has been “Chatty Catie” her whole life. Catie is incredibly passionate about her body and helps people feel amazing regardless of where they are on their self-love journey. She also loves social selling, connecting, and networking. Catie teaches women and mothers how to use social media to their advantage to connect to many people and find their tribe. She empowers women to be confident and unapologetic of their bodies and business.


Outline of the Episode:

  • [3:23] connecting back to the past - experiences that trickled down to either the way you are or the way you’ve decided not to be.
  • [7:24] Changes that take place postpartum.
  • [18:06] Transitioned through pregnancy and motherhood.
  • [20:01] Physical changes to prepare for.
  • [20:49] Stress and anxiety and how to overcome it.
  • [25:36] Communicating with your body.
  • [28:30] Find a family or a tribe.





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