July 14, 2021

EP78- How to Transition to Solids For Babies with Taylor Arnold

EP78- How to Transition to Solids For Babies with Taylor Arnold

It's normal to be 100% hands-on when making decisions about things that concern your baby. Most of the time, it brings out the best results. Although when it comes to developing your baby's relationship with food—the case might not be the same. In this episode, Dr. Taylor Arnold talks about intuitive eating, introducing solids to your baby's diet, the nine major allergens, and The Division of Responsibility feeding theory. Even with her Ph.D. in nutrition, For Dr. Taylor, the topic of baby feeding came just as surprising for her as it did with other moms.


Find out more about baby feeding in this episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast with Dr. Taylor Arnold!


'You Provide – They Decide' Type of Eating

Pushing your kids to finish their food down to the last bite is good, but is it beneficial for the long term? As we talk more about feeding strategies, the episode slowly unfolds that "no" is the answer. Taking total charge of how your baby eats isn't as ideal as it sounds. In this discussion, Dr. Taylor brings up "The Division of Responsibility" by feeding expert Ellyn Satter. Definitely, this is something every parent must look into. With this feeding strategy, stress is taken out from the feeding session, and children grow more open to trying other foods as they develop their eating skills. 

This feeding theory builds trust around meal sessions with children. To illustrate how Division of Responsibility works, we have two buckets—one for the adult and one for the child. What goes inside the child's bucket is the 'what' and 'how much' to eat. While the adult bucket consists of what, when, and how food is served. Basically, it's a setting where you provide your child the food and allow them to react naturally to what they eat. The moment the adult directs what goes on inside the child's bucket regarding their food, they're breaking the trust in the child's feeding environment and ignoring their ability to listen to their hunger and fullness cues.


For more insight about The Division of Responsibility, listen to Dr. Taylor Arnold in this episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast!


About Dr. Taylor Arnold:

Dr. Taylor Arnold is a pediatric dietitian and nutrition Ph.D. passionate about supporting parents in their journeys to prevent and reverse picky eating, support intuitive eating practices in their kids and teens, and instilling body positivity. She believes in the importance of using science and evidence-based medicine in her nutrition practice and thinks that all bodies can be healthy regardless of their size.


Outline of the episode:

  • [01:17] "The amount of training we get in school about feeding babies is minimal." 
  • [03:48] What is Intuitive Eating?
  • [09:43] How can you monitor your child's growth if you leave them to feed themselves?
  • [13:15] Free courses on feeding, preventing picky eating, and raising kids in a healthy relationship with food
  • [14:29] To do away with stress and getting overwhelmed, moms need to research baby feeding before pregnancy
  • [17:10] When feeding your baby, be on the same page and take charge with your partner
  • [20:30] Where do you begin with your child when eating solids?
  • [27:08] On keeping an eye on allergic reactions when introducing your child to new food
  • [30:36] An old food allergy myth busted!
  • [32:03] Research prepares you for instances where your child can choke or gag
  • [36:52] A channel that teaches parents science-based information regarding baby feeding


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