Feb. 23, 2022

EP104- How to Create a Postpartum Plan with Jessica D'Argenio Waller

EP104- How to Create a Postpartum Plan with Jessica D'Argenio Waller

So many things can crop up during the postpartum period, but they are swept under the rug because we assume that they are part of the process, but they don’t have to be. Most women postpartum are more susceptible to nutritional depletion, anemia, osteopenia, depression, anxiety, and fatigue. However, if you have more social support, you are less likely to be affected by mental health issues. This makes a postpartum care plan very important. In this episode, Jessica shares her postpartum experience and what she wishes she had done differently to make her transition smoother.  

Learn how to create your postpartum plan for a smooth transition into and through the postpartum in this episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast with Jessica D’Argenio Waller!


How To Create Your Postpartum Plan 

How do you plan on getting all the household chores done while you are postpartum? Do you have a therapist appointment on your calendar? And have you thought about when family and friends are allowed to visit? Do you require them to be vaccinated or wear a mask? According to Jessica, all these and many other questions need to be addressed before you’re in the depth of your post-postpartum experience. 

So how do you create an actual postpartum plan that will work for you? There are 8 categories that Jessica recommends addressing that will write your plan for you.

Jessica shares that creating a postpartum plan is just as important as a birth plan. Crafting what your life will be like on paper will help you envision change and give you something to wrap your head around. Your postpartum plan should outline different things to ensure wholesome care for you and the baby. This includes nutrition, self-care needs, and physical support, at least during the first 40 days of postpartum. Creating a postpartum plan is self-advocacy. It's about recognizing that you can't do everything and getting the support that you need physically, emotionally, and mentally.  


About Jessica D'Argenio Waller:

At the end of 2015, Jessica knew that she wanted to have a baby, but she didn’t know how it would work. She was working full-time for a magazine and needed a break from that to pursue clinical nutrition in grad school to have a flexible online program to prepare for the pregnancy taking classes from home. So, Jessica stepped back from her magazine job, and as they were trying to conceive, she was nannying, freelancing, and doing grad school. 

Luckily Jessica got pregnant, and during that period, she did a ton of research, read books, and took birth classes. She also planned to take some time off from grad school and freelancing at the time of birth. However, after delivery, Jessica felt unprepared for the ups and downs that come in the first month of postpartum. She had planned everything to that point, but there was no plan after bringing the baby home. As the Senior Health and Wellness Editor for Motherly, Jessica has a completely new perspective, and she is here to share with us what she wishes she had done differently. 

Learn her number one recommendation and support for postpartum, along with the eight topics that you need to cover in order to physically create your postpartum plan for a smooth transition into and through postpartum.


Outline of the episode:

  • [01:39] Jessica – on how to create your postpartum plan
  • [04:37] What Jessica wishes she had planned for in the first two weeks 
  • [08:10] The importance of creating a postpartum plan 
  • [10:08] Postpartum Doulas and why every new mother needs one 
  • [13:06] How to formulate and put your postpartum plan on paper 
  • [14:28] Doing your research comparison on your leave policies 
  • [16:13] Planning for an adequate postpartum rest and healing period
  • [20:13] How to plan for visitors in the postpartum  
  • [22:49] Planning for breastfeeding and bottle-feeding support
  • [25:23] Planning for new rituals and your non-negotiables 
  • [28:07] How to best plan for your mental health support and wellness
  • [31:23] How long Jessica took before she returned to work and her recommendations 
  • [33:07] Tips on how to prepare to return to work and make it happen 
  • [35:14] Motherly Now and how they help mothers navigate motherhood 
  • [37:45] Reach out and connect with Jessica
  • [37:51] Join Mamas in Training community and hang out with women who are in your shoes 



Read Jessica’s article ‘A postpartum plan is just as important as a birth plan.”

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