Sept. 29, 2021

EP89- How the Nustle Supports Your Breastfeeding Journey with Founder Teran Martin

EP89- How the Nustle Supports Your Breastfeeding Journey with Founder Teran Martin

When Teran Martin first became a mother, her vision of what breastfeeding would be like was one of ease. She imagined that nature would just take its course, right?! Unfortunately for her that was not the case. After several attempts and a frustrating couple of weeks, she decided it was time to complete her breastfeeding journey and dry up her milk. The advice she was given at that time was to use a cold compress. She found herself stuck on the couch unable to move and rather uncomfortable with hard sharp pieces of ice combined with a bedsheet to secure it around her midsection. Knowing that no woman should ever have to go through this experience, she began to develop a product to help dry up your milk production, but ended up creating a product that actually helps with both ends of the breastfeeding journey. 

Listen in to learn about how Teran Martin developed the Nustle: Mamas Milk Wrap. A hot and cold compression wrap that helps with both milk production and increases dry up time when mom is complete. 

Assistance from a Lactation Consultant

One of the hardest elements to breastfeeding is the thought that nature will just take its course and we, as women, are supposed to know what to do naturally. Luckily, Teran decided to solve this problem! Along with every purchase of the Nustle comes a Free Lactation Consultation with one of the Trained and Knowledgeable Lactation Consultants on Teran’s team. 


Tune in to Teran’s journey that led her to create this fabulous product for moms everywhere in this episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast!


About Teran:

Teran Martin is a married mother of two, who is passionate in helping women who are in their nursing journey. Having had a difficult journey herself, she was thrust into becoming an entrepreneur as she knew she hadn’t been the only woman to live through these difficulties. Therefore, she developed the Nustle to bridge a gap in the market in areas not yet developed. Today, she is encouraging women not only through her product, but by creating a culture of support, encouragement and acceptance in the breastfeeding journey. Her mission is to see a healthy nation as women are able to succeed and extend their nursing times which in turn will directly reflect on the health of both the child and mother as they move through their life stages. 



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