Nov. 17, 2021

EP96- How to Prevent Picky Eating with Jenny Friedman

EP96- How to Prevent Picky Eating with Jenny Friedman

Supporting your baby’s early explorations with food is not something you can overlook. That's because their interaction with food at an early stage will affect their relationship with nutrition as they grow. So how do we set our children up for success when it comes to food, diet, and health and NOT have them become picky? In this episode, Jenny Friedman, a registered dietician nutritionist, talks about the approach and techniques to use when feeding a baby and into the toddler years, to help prevent them from becoming a picky eater. We also discuss the most important aspect of picky eating and how we could subconsciously be encouraging picky eating. 

Learn about how you can be a model eater for your child in this episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast with Jenny Friedman!


To Make Sure Your Kid Eats…

Picky eating habits can be engrained from infancy and making sure your child eats right at the table can sometimes be challenging, even more, when they're picky eaters. But there's something that parents can practice around the home to address this properly and more meaningfully. In this episode, Jenny Friedman talks about pre-meal appetite regulation. Appetite regulation, for kids, focuses on managing what a child consumes in between meals. Because if you want them to eat right during mealtime, you need to monitor what they do before meals.

To effectively regulate their appetite before meals, you need to make sure that they come to the table hungry. Meaning, before breakfast, lunch, and dinner, their tummies shouldn't be filled. Now, what can fill these tummies before mealtime? A few common examples are random snacks, candies, and favorite drinks. By keeping them from grazing before mealtime, you allow them to be open to food more adequately and enjoy it better during meals.

Should their mealtime be on their terms? Find out from Jenny Friedman in this episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast!


About Jenny Friedman:

Jenny Friedman is a registered dietitian nutritionist. She received her Masters of Science in Nutrition and Public Health from Columbia University and Bachelor of Arts from McGill University. Her additional training includes responsive feeding therapy and the SOS approach to feeding. 

Jenny's goal is to facilitate your child's curiosity, motivation, and competence. She practices a child-led, responsive, and individualized approach, which means that they create a flexible plan that works for you, go at your child's pace, respect their autonomy, and consider their eating in the context of your own family.

Outline of the episode:

  • [01:16] Jenny Friedman – the experience of introducing solids to a baby
  • [03:08] At what age can we expect picky eating to start?
  • [07:29] Why you shouldn't stress at the process of feeding your child
  • [10:00] Children learn from your eating habits
  • [11:40] How can you improve your child's eating windows?
  • [14:24] The other ways to pique your child's interest in food
  • [18:08] Jenny's "You Can" technique for empowering kids to eat
  • [22:39] About Meals: Should it be on your child's terms? 
  • [25:47] The general advice for structuring your kid's interaction with food
  • [27:36] How should you react when your child starts becoming picky?





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