Nov. 10, 2021

EP95- Preconception: What to Expect with Bestselling Author, Heidi Murkoff

EP95- Preconception: What to Expect with Bestselling Author, Heidi Murkoff

It's mind-boggling to think that preconception care wasn't a thing before. Fortunately, it is becoming more and more a vital subject of focus for couples planning to create a family today. But we wonder, are the factors we are considering for preconception enough? In this episode, Heidi Murkoff, Bestselling Author of What to Expect, graces us to speak about what encompasses preconception health, how not to add stress to the process of conceiving, what maternal gatekeeping is all about, the role of a father and partner when conceiving, and the story behind how she wrote What to Expect When You're Expecting, the book, that is now in its 5th Edition and is widely dubbed as the 'pregnancy bible' of all pregnancy guides.


Listen to how a book and a baby are delivered, hours apart, in this episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast with Heidi Murkoff!


Care Should Be Continuum

One crucial thing to remember for moms who now have babies is that your baby isn't the only one that deserves concern. It's said, and it's true! Even though they need the most of it, giving tender loving care shouldn't only be for your baby. Spouses and partners should know this too: the baby's health is just as vital as the mother's condition right after labor. If we look at complications, even the two-month period that mothers get for maternity leave may sometimes still prove insufficient. Because mothers and their bodies differ from woman to woman, in some instances, complications can still arise even after the two months of maternity leave.

Most of the time, after labor, moms are expected to have six weeks of recovery. During the talk, Heidi claims that this is complete BS. Again, because a woman's body will significantly differ from another, there's no absolute basis to saying that every woman will only take six weeks to fully recover stability. The care they receive needs to continue and may even demand a year – or more! This kind of misunderstanding is the reason for the hype, and nothing but hype, of being mom-strong. Indeed, the woman's body is strong in its ability to hone life. This strength, however, shouldn't be abused. The body has limitations that need to be acknowledged. Women can't just "tough it out" all the time. 


Find out how Heidi Murkoff defines a strong mother in this episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast!


About Heidi Murkoff:

It all started with a baby and a book. Heidi Murkoff conceived the idea for What to Expect When You're Expecting during her first pregnancy when she couldn't find answers in the books she turned to for much-needed advice. Just hours before delivering her daughter Emma, Heidi delivered the proposal for a pregnancy guide that would help other expectant parents sleep better at night. She was a mom on a mission — a mission that was only getting started.

Dubbed the "pregnancy bible," What to Expect When You're Expecting has more than 22 million copies in print. Now in its 5th edition, the book hit a publishing milestone in June of 2015 when it became the longest-running title of all time on The New York Times bestseller list, a record it still holds. USA Today has named it one of the most influential books in a quarter-century — also reporting that it is read by 93 percent of women who read a pregnancy book.

Outline of the episode:

  • [03:57] How did it all begin for Heidi?
  • [04:55] A Busy Day for Two Babies
  • [08:26] If you have the luxury to prepare, do it!
  • [12:03] Is weight a topic of concern when conceiving?
  • [16:25] Before, preconception wasn't even a thing.
  • [22:03] Heidi Murkoff – on being a DADvocate
  • [25:04] The change of fatherhood in African regions
  • [29:08] Maternal gatekeeping has been happening ever since
  • [33:15] It's not only about the baby post-delivery
  • [35:04] What is no longer normal?







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