Oct. 27, 2021

EP93- How to Not Lose Yourself and Your Dreams in Motherhood with Ina Coveney

EP93- How to Not Lose Yourself and Your Dreams in Motherhood with Ina Coveney

Becoming a mother is a huge role. For some women, it's what they look forward to most in life. But what happens if you wish to fulfill more in life during parenthood? Is being a mother the thing that's stopping you? In this episode, Ina Coveney talks about how she managed to 'scratch' the 'itch' as a parent, the flexibility of life as a corporate professional, why you're limiting beliefs are really just limiting lies, where her great confidence comes from and the two major things that you need to do to reach what you really want to be. You can be a mother AND accomplish your dreams.


Listen to how to start with your "visions" in this episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast with Ina Coveney!


The Corporate World and Women

Before experiencing it first hand, Ina didn't really pay much attention to gender biases at work. As a professional, it's in her character to take total ownership of what she puts out and the results she yields. If she's given feedback, she takes it and improves – constantly. Ina was always aware of her "quality" of work and never felt the need to worry about anything that could put her career at risk. But that quickly changed. When Ina got pregnant, two weeks before her maternity leave, she was assigned to a different role that dealt with implementation around the company. From what seemed like a general transition to a maternity leave, things became unbelievable for Ina from that point. 

With no questions asked, she took the role and outperformed expectations. Before her maternity leave, she had already hired and trained a contractor to fill the previous role she transferred from, setting the company up for success. Thinking about the position, it was clear to Ina that the role demanded a larger scale of work than her original job. Clearly, it should've been a promotion with raise. Ina was prepared to discuss the promotion upon her return. When Ina's maternity leave concluded, she returned to work and was called by her boss. To her surprise, the promotion was no longer up. To make things worse, she was informed that the contractor she hired as a fill-up was performing well and would be keeping the role that was originally hers.

Find out how Ina handled discrimination and turned it around for the best, sparkling a fire for her to follow her REAL dreams and how YOU CAN DO IT TOO in this episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast!


About Ina:

Ina Coveney is a business coach and host of The Global Phenomenon podcast. A 6-figure entrepreneur with a tiny audience of less than 1,000 followers on any platform, she helps online coaches monetize their existing network through natural and organic lead generation techniques.

As the host of The Global Phenomenon Podcast for Online Coaches, Ina has interviewed some of the biggest names in the online world such as Pat Flynn, Laura Belgray and entrepreneur on fire John Lee Dumas.

Her signature program called GET CLIENTS FIRST helps entrepreneurs to stop over-investing and under-earning, and start making an impact in the world one client at a time.


Outline of the episode:

  • [03:40] When you're in corporate, you only get limited vacations. 
  • [04:52] I'm meant for something more, but I don't know what it is.
  • [07:31] What made me quit my job…
  • [12:44] If you're a woman, own your role and stand up for yourself.
  • [16:20] The reason why we sometimes do too much.
  • [21:11] Your spouse or partner wants to help too!
  • [23:41] How can a woman blossom further in the middle of motherhood?
  • [28:39] Life is an evolution, and yours is constantly evolving.
  • [31:47] What will fast forward your journey?
  • [34:27] This is what women and mothers need.


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