Oct. 6, 2021

EP90- What the First Two Weeks with a Newborn Look Like with Sharon Mazel

EP90- What the First Two Weeks with a Newborn Look Like with Sharon Mazel

Bringing your baby home and those first couple of weeks can be one of the most stressful times for parents. There are so many unknowns, you and your baby are adjusting to a new normal and what really IS normal? To answer this question, I spoke with pregnancy and parenting expert, Sharon Mazel! With over twenty years of experience in the motherhood field, Sharon shares tips and tricks daily on her Instagram platform so you know what those first two weeks and beyond will look like. This episode is chalk full of helpful tips and tricks, even including what your first postpartum poop will look like! We don’t hold back, haha! 

Listen to this episode with Sharon as we talk about setting up the carseat, how to prepare your home for baby, what is normal for your baby physically, the first bath and many many more helpful tips. 


Newborns 101 Course

The timing of this episode was perfect with an exciting new course that Sharon just released exactly for this phase of motherhood! After you listen to this episode, you might like to broaden your education on that newborn phase and get extra support through her course! As Sharon says,
“It’s natural to feel nervous about bringing home your newborn—all parents worry. But I want you to know this: Being a “good” parent is ultimately about taking care of your baby in a way that feels right for you. That’s it! I’ve spent more than two decades helping parents figure out what that looks like, and I’d be honored to help you along your journey, too.”

Tune into Sharon’s advice and find comfort in those first two weeks with your baby at home in this episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast!



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