Sept. 1, 2021

EP85- How to Plan for a Twin Pregnancy with Kelly Morris Rowan

EP85- How to Plan for a Twin Pregnancy with Kelly Morris Rowan

Having twins when you have no history of twins in your family is a surprise and a challenge. Even more when the majority of the resources you need help from are generally designed for singleton parents. In this episode, Kelly Morris Rowan talks about her experience with a monochorionic diamniotic pregnancy, baby blues, and the challenges of entering first-time parenting with twin babies. For Kelly, caring for a baby as a new mom is an experience to hold, but when you have two babies crying in front of you, the story intensifies. 


Learn more about first-time parenting and the challenges of having twins in this episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast with Kelly Morris Rowan!


The challenge to accept when raising twins 

Taking care of your first baby can mean so many things and so much to everyone invested in the newborn, but imagine having twins for your first. Going back to the time the OB-GYN disclosed the info to Kelly and her husband, Kelly was shocked, lost for words, thrilled, and scared. They were definitely in for a ride. Eventually, Kelly goes through baby blues. She recalls one time telling her babies, "it's going to be ok," while the three of them are crying as she tries to figure out which baby is which. A twin mom moment for sure! Despite being a funny story, it nevertheless made an impact. The struggle also wasn't exclusively just for Kelly. She acknowledges her husband's first time as a dad to twins. Knowing how, biologically, it can be more trivial for men to connect with babies, Kelly understood even as a hormonal mom when her husband expressed how he longs for a time where he looks at their twins and doesn't feel stressed. It was hard for her to hear, but she had to positively listen, understand and support her partner. Like the time she couldn't differentiate her babies, she knew it was all just a season. For Kelly, seasons pass.


Tune in to Kelly's journey as a parent to twins in this episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast!


Outline of the episode:

  • [02:35] Kelly Morris Rowan – on finding out about the twins she's having
  • [05:08] What is a monochorionic diamniotic twin?
  • [10:28] At the start of your pregnancy, know that everything you'll need is going to be designed for singleton pregnancies
  • [16:34] About the book, When You're Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads
  • [18:39] The difference it makes when you have support groups, especially if you're a new mom to twins
  • [24:57] What moms, expecting twins, should know
  • [28:01] Kelly Morris Rowan – on experiencing post-pregnancy baby blues
  • [29:27] The top two (2) favorite products for twin baby care
  • [33:25] When caring for twin babies and fighting frustration, envy, etc. – give yourself grace
  • [38:55] A funny story about parenting during baby blues and how you can learn to love the different seasons of parenthood




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