Aug. 25, 2021

EP84- How to Stay Strong When Facing Infertility and Secondary Infertility with Erin Bulcao

EP84- How to Stay Strong When Facing Infertility and Secondary Infertility with Erin Bulcao

When discussing infertility, IVF, and other ways to fertilization, it's important to greet possibilities with an open mind—before it even comes around. For Erin, "it's probably never going to be exactly how you thought it’s going to be." In this episode, Erin Bulcao talks to us about her loooong journey with infertility, the challenges that arose along the way, and why and how she started her blog 'My Beautiful Blunder' – a space where she opens up about her story with infertility and IVF. Having a miscarriage, Erin felt incredibly discouraged about her body and alone. But when she shared her experience, she was shocked to see that 1 out of 4 people had the same. That impact of sharing made Erin feel understood. So now, she does the same with her story.


Learn more about IVF and the realities that come with it in this episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast with Erin Bulcao!


Taking Away from Erin's Experience

Throughout the episode, we'll hear how Erin's experience with infertility has affected her marriage and mental health. It was a rough rollercoaster of guilt, emotions, and hormones. But as she shares her journey through infertility, we highlight some of the actions she's taken that have helped her get through the rough patches and can also help other women who may undergo or who are experiencing the same rollercoaster of infertility. As we take away from the different points of her experience, Erin explains how your support system, routines, and the gatekeeping of your situation will help you advocate for yourself better throughout the struggle.

When Erin mentioned support, she didn't mean family or friends. Of course, they'll still be your helping hand, but she reiterates having someone who has either gone through infertility or a specialist specializing in your condition. The reality of your situation can also weigh down on you, getting through the day can sometimes feel too much and that support is essential. For that, routines must be put in place. Routine will help you play parts of your day more actively. Lastly, be more selfish when it comes to having to explain yourself. Sometimes, you're going to miss out on events because you're down and drained—and that's ok! Remember: it's not your job to help people understand. But, it is instead your job to protect your headspace during a time that is sensitive for you.

Listen more about how Erin braved through infertility in this episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast!


About Erin Bulcao:

Erin never thought she'd share her story with more than 5 people, let alone blog about it! She stayed quiet for over two years and found herself feeling so alone and just angry at the world.  However, Erin started to be more aware of even the smallest references to IVF and suddenly felt a connection, a sense of belonging to something again.

She started to write. Erin never felt as much relief in two years as she did when she decided to share her story. Someone will read her story and feel the same way she did when she saw IVF being mentioned on the Today Show or read a sentence about a lady who had a successful transfer with her lowest quality egg.


Outline of the episode:

  • [02:05] Erin: On starting the blog and sharing to the world her story with infertility
  • [06:26] What the blunder did for Erin and her husband's marriage
  • [12:19] The reason behind choosing IVF
  • [15:33] IVF and Miscarriage: A huge slap in the face
  • [16:17] One thing doesn't affect the other…
  • [22:31] The biggest misconception about infertility
  • [24:03] To conquer infertility, it's crucial to find somebody that gets you
  • [28:36] The essence of keeping to routines when braving infertility
  • [31:11] Whatever you're getting as advice from other people, bring it to your doctor
  • [33:54] It's probably never going to be exactly how you thought it was going to be… 






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