Aug. 18, 2021

EP83- Simplifying Feeding with Café Baby and Jeannie Marrugo

EP83- Simplifying Feeding with Café Baby and Jeannie Marrugo

Planning out the course of a baby's diet can be very sensitive and challenging for every mother and parent. But for someone who handled her baby while working in architecture full-time, Jeannie rises above it all. In this episode, Jeannie Marrugo talks about how her frustration brought her and her mother to build Café Baby – a brand that sends every parent fresh and homemade baby foods that baby needs, no matter their age.


Learn more about Café Baby in this episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast with Jeannie Marrugo!


Balancing Baby Food

When Jeannie had her baby, she had to switch to exclusive pumping after not being able to breastfeed. As an architect and a mother now pumping constantly, she juggled many things together with managing her baby's nutrition and foods; something she knew something had to change. When starting solids, Jeannie didn't like sacrificing her baby's diet for the demands of everyday life. Thinking about what selection to give your baby, when to feed them, how much to provide them with, and how much breastmilk or formula to mix with their food are concerns you have when your baby transitions to solids. Relying too much on commercial food may also not be your thing. It's not bad, but it's not every mom's cup of tea. Fortunately, with the frustration and dedication to her baby's nutrition, Jeannie eventually found a way to advance from her ongoing dilemma. With the help of her mother, Café Baby was born. Now, Jeannie doesn't only get to be hands-on and have an eye on everything she feeds her baby, but she also gets to help other parents gain the opportunity to do so too.


Listen more about how Jeannie simplifies baby feeding in this episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast!


About Jeannie Marrugo:

When Jeannie couldn't find an alternative to store-bought baby food as a full-time architect, she took her frustrations to her mom, Sherri. They knew she wasn't the only parent feeling this way. Together, they created Café Baby to end the frustration and lend a hand.


Outline of the episode:

  • [02:46] Jeannie Marrugo – how it was as an architect-mother
  • [04:11] The dilemma with baby food and what it started for Jeannie
  • [06:00] How overwhelming is transitioning your baby to a solid food diet?
  • [09:04] Café Baby: Don't sacrifice your baby's nutrition because of the demands of everyday life
  • [11:31] Jeannie Marrugo – on opening a store mid pandemic
  • [16:54] Café Baby's Different Categories and Menu
  • [19:06] The process behind formulating the menus for Café Baby
  • [21:26] When it comes to managing their baby's diet, every parent is different
  • [25:54] Café Baby's Lactation Cookies
  • [26:36] "It's okay if your Plan A doesn't work out---"





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