June 30, 2021

EP76- How to Find Insurance Coverage for Pregnancy with Dr. Noor Ali

EP76- How to Find Insurance Coverage for Pregnancy with Dr. Noor Ali

The more informed you are about your medical insurance plans, the wiser and more empowered you become when making health choices.

For our guest doctor, that’s the ‘why’ behind becoming a health insurance advisor. In this episode, Dr. Noor Ali talks about the American Healthcare System, what future moms need to understand about maternity coverage, and her health insurance consultation that’s 100% free for every client. Dr. Noor explains that her job as a doctor and as an advisor is not to single-handedly uproot the loopholes of the healthcare system. Instead, she goes above and beyond in helping her clients leverage their current situation when finding the best health insurance plan at present.


Find out what’s the best bet for your health insurance plan in this episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast with Dr. Noor Ali!


Dr. Noor Ali: On Free Consulting

As a Healthcare Advisor, Dr. Noor works with anyone who wants to figure out their health insurance plan. Her clientele consists of both the top percent and the bottom percent of classes. So when she says ‘anyone’—she means anyone. For example, the similarity common among high-income earning clients is their non-eligibility under the Affordable Care Act of 2010, better known as ObamaCare. Without a doubt, those who make hundreds of thousands of dollars a month can definitely pay for a consultation. So why does Dr. Noor offer free consultations even to the financially abled? Simply put, she just finds it awkward to charge a client for her informed and technical guidance.

What about the lowly? Those who earn low income or are under the poverty line are the type of clients that get the most out of Dr. Noor’s free consultation. Without the financial means, these clients don’t have access to resources that teach them the importance of having a medical insurance plan—the very least. Because medical care is something she’s always been interested in ever since she was little, Dr. Noor finds it essential for every individual to be informed and educated about their health choices through whatever possible means. For her, it’d be wrong to charge someone poor for learning a fundamental about their healthcare. Up to this day, Dr. Noor has never charged anyone for her medical consultation.

Tune in as Dr. Noor Ali expounds on insurance plans in this episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast!


About Dr. Noor Ali:

Dr. Noor Ali is a passionate and strong-willed mother, wife, doctor, researcher, entrepreneur, and a champion of women-in-science who want it all. She helps her patients find and understand best-fit health insurance options and works with leaders across all industries, mainly self-employed professionals. 

More and more, she works with those who have employer coverage but realize it may not be the best option for them. Dr. Noor also loves working with female founders who are just like her.


Outline of the episode:

  • [02:19] A career born from frustration and failure
  • [05:00] What is your best bet for maternity coverage on unplanned pregnancy?
  • [06:27] On working with the top 1% who can’t qualify under ObamaCare
  • [10:00] What women need to know, cost and coverage-wise, to set themselves up for a successful pregnancy
  • [14:22] Insurance policies separate the regulations on how you get covered for your physical and psychological care needs
  • [15:50] America’s healthcare system in comparison to the rest of the world
  • [18:31] “Your baby is only covered up to 31 days of birth under you.”
  • [21:55] Which should a mother worry about first: Insurance Plan or a go-to OB-GYN?
  • [26:40] The top thing when it comes to pregnancy and medical insurance is preparation
  • [27:54] Is C.O.B.R.A. (Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985) your only option?
  • [32:09] You are empowered when you are informed and educated about your insurance



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