June 2, 2021

EP72- Managing Your Expectations Physically & Mentally for Postpartum with Brenna Ruiz

EP72- Managing Your Expectations Physically & Mentally for Postpartum with Brenna Ruiz

There are different topics that women need to know before they get pregnant, that may arise as an issue if left undiscovered during pregnancy. And today, we are joined by Brenna Ruiz of WhatAboutMamas.com for just that. In this episode, Brenna shares about her postpartum experience, perinatal mental issues, and the education women need before pregnancy. She also discusses the vulnerable subjects that new moms don’t admit or talk about and all the other things that got her saying, “why didn’t anybody tell me about this?”


Join us in this honest and insightful episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast with Brenna Ruiz!


How to Do – What to Do?

When a newborn enters a family, he or she also becomes a major part of the whole household’s daily routine. Especially a mother’s. Every day, new moms wake up to check up on their baby, prepare food for their baby, clean up after their baby, and ensure the baby is kept comfortable. With all of these things lined up to do for new moms, would there be any room left for things that they want to do? A little – yeah; the slightest, for some. After baby duties are taken care of, getting personal stuff done becomes tricky and stressful for new moms. For Brenna, it doesn’t have to all the time. With the right approach and support, checking off boxes from your list can be less of a pain. 

Brenna talks about setting up support and help systems as a way for new moms to alleviate the stress that comes with to-do lists. This help can come from anyone. From your significant other, family, and even friends. Anyone who understands your situation can help you accomplish more from your to-do list from time to time. If there are important points that can’t be missed from your to-do list, make reminders or notes. Making these should also be sensitive to your time and energy. Set up these notes for one important activity a day or a week and not several intense assignments to finish in one day. Especially not when you’re already drained. With the help of others, the right approach, and knowing what to prioritize and what to put on hold, moms can take down the things they want to do – even after their baby duties – without stressing so much.


Listen to Brenna’s tips on getting things done and more in this episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast!


About Brenna Ruiz:

As a self-care advocate, professional writer, and mom of one from Minnesota, Brenna started her blog after having no idea how to take care of herself after having a son.

She’s sharing info she learned from women’s health and wellness experts while getting real about her motherhood journey, so that other moms don’t feel so alone in theirs.


Outline of the episode:

  • [01:07] What started WhatAboutMamas?
  • [03:12] Education needs to begin before pregnancy.
  • [06:20] Reframe the concept of getting your body back.
  • [10:14] Seek the help that is out there – for free!
  • [12:00] Breastfeeding is about supply and demand.
  • [19:05] On taking off the mental pressure of to-do lists.
  • [22:32] A lot of people don’t like the newborn baby phase.
  • [25:06] Perinatal Mental Disorders: Where it gets tricky.
  • [31:04] Brenna’s Must-Have Post-partum Recovery Guide.
  • [35:00] A no-fluff video course for all moms by women’s health and wellness experts.


Website: https://whataboutmamas.lpages.co/postpartum-recovery-guide/



5 Perinatal Mental Health Problems:


Breastfeeding physically and mentally:




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