May 19, 2021

EP70- The REALity of Motherhood and Finding the Joy with Vanessa Rempel, Raj Grewal & Sandra Zichermann

EP70- The REALity of Motherhood and Finding the Joy with Vanessa Rempel, Raj Grewal & Sandra Zichermann

In today's packed guesting, we are graced by Vanessa Rempel, Raj Grewal, and Sandra Zichermann, three women that are full of character, humor, and stories for everyone to hear. Laugh and learn with us as we speak on the many parenting myths that moms need to scrap and forget. Why women and mothers must always share and connect in a truthful way and how moms can keep it real with kids and life in general. For them, recognizing one's role, struggle, and always knowing what truly matters are reminders every mother mustn't forget wherever motherhood takes them.


Join us in this lighthearted and honest episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast with Vanessa, Raj, and Sandra!


Reminders For The Mommas

No matter how glorified and romanticized by some, being a mother is extremely exhausting. It's a challenge for every woman. Most of the time, Vanessa believes women and mothers learn how to normalize feeling bad about themselves for feeling bad about motherhood – something that kills her inside. For Raj, it is both an amazing and heavy role to play and is impossible to perfect. Sharing this exact same truth, Sandra believes the experience needs to be vocalized. Keeping quiet of the stories and struggles of motherhood, for her, is a disservice to oneself and to other fellow moms. Moms that learn to honestly acknowledge and share the struggle creates a chain. It teaches other moms that the work comes in many forms, that there is no manual to being a mother, and that accepting help and guidance doesn't only help them but also helps them teach their children about trust and connection.

When a woman is new to motherhood, they tend to rip themselves apart about many things. In the face of self-loathe, remember your role. It's important to remind yourself about what you just did – as a woman – and as a vessel of life. Take refuge in the stories others share about their own struggles and how they fight them. Remind yourself: Perfection is a façade! With that, acknowledge your triumph and recognize that you need to take time, take care of yourself, and guard everything that truly matters to you as a woman, a wife, and a mother. Just as much as there is no wrong or right way to being a mom, you are your own version. Your instinct as a woman is your power. Again, yes, motherhood is an extraordinary role to take. But with the proper support and mindset – you can do it. You know what to do, and you can!

Listen to more motherhood realness with Vanessa, Raj, and Sandra in this episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast!


About Vanessa:

Vanessa believes one must bring their whole self to the table if they want to thrive in today's crazy world; the personality, the sense of humor, and most importantly, the heart. All of these elements brought Vanessa to found, Her Stories Co. A platform celebrating and supporting women and their achievements by sharing female-driven stories. 


About Sandra:

Sandra Zichermann, Ph.D., is a Real MOM Expert who routinely hides from her 3 kids, pokes fun at her husband, and avoids cooking and cleaning at all costs. She relishes Netflix, friendships and always keeps it real. She is the founder of The MOM Rant: a social community of 19k+ MOMS worldwide who rant and rave freely. 

Sandra had an illustrious career in education, beginning with a BA in Political Science and Communication Studies from York University, a post-graduate in Corporate Communications, and an MA in Communication Studies, all from York University. 

She then went on to complete a Doctorate in Sociology and Equity Studies at the University of Toronto/OISE. Although it took Sandra 8 years to complete, it's one of Sandra's greatest accomplishments.


About Raj:

Raj started as a travel blogger in 2018 with This Mama Needs A Vacay because she wanted to create a space where she could write and create and share her experiences on parenting and traveling with her family. Her blog has evolved to the social media content creation that allowed her to work with numerous brands such as Indigo, Attractions Ontario, and Cougar Shoes.

Her goal is to expand what representation looks like while writing and creating different social media content.


Outline of the episode:

  • [04:47] Why moms need to speak up and share, share, share? 
  • [07:21] The authenticity we need from content creators and influencers.
  • [10:25] Social media and real life are a contrast. Keep it real!
  • [13:43] Acknowledging the intensity of motherhood.
  • [17:46] On the importance of personal time and space.
  • [20:01] Find comedy in the dark moments.
  • [24:54] Know that it's okay to trust and ask for help.
  • [27:50] Demolish the myth of perfection!
  • [29:13] What mothers need to be reminded of... 
  • [33:48] Recognize your accomplishment, the struggles, and know what truly matters.


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