May 5, 2021

EP68- How Your Voice and Music Impacts Your Baby in the Womb and Beyond with Vered Benhorin

EP68- How Your Voice and Music Impacts Your Baby in the Womb and Beyond with Vered Benhorin

Today, Jessica is joined with Vered Benhorin as they talk about the secret to preparing your baby for transitions and the best way to connect with your baby before they are even born… your voice and music.

Join us and find out how your baby listens from inside the womb in this episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast with Vered Benhorin.


To Motherhood Through Music

Vered is a music therapist, psychotherapist, a mother of 3 and the founder of She helped over 1000 parents feel more connected to their baby, more confident in their parenting and get more sleep. "I didn't know how to do this stuff right off the bat with my own kids. When my eldest was a baby, I felt overwhelmed, exhausted, and bored. I spent much of my day just trying to calm us both," says Vered.

Music was a way into motherhood. She learned how to soothe, play with, enrich and just have more fun with babies using Music.  Baby in Tune is all about helping parents bond with their babies through Music. Through the workshops and Vered's award-winning album Good Morning My Love, parents learn how to use Music to soothe, establish routine, play, and communicate with their babies. Vered's classes are currently held online but have also helped families all over Brooklyn and Manhattan. Vered also performs at various venues and private parties.


About Vered Benhorin:

Vered spent ten years playing Music by night and studying music therapy and clinical psychology by day. When she had a baby, everything changed. Slowly, all of her efforts and talents culminated into one project that felt right.

During Vered's studies in clinical psychology, she was taken aback by a class taught by Arietta Slade on different types of bonds a baby has to his/her mother. During that time, she had a baby at home, the exact age of those being discussed; the material from the class was bound to hit her in a personal way.


Outline of the episode:

  • [04:40] How can women embody their inner rock star?
  • [07:27] Babies learn to enjoy what they see you enjoy doing.
  • [11:30] There is no right and wrong genre of music.
  • [13:23] Babies love rhythm and moving to it.
  • [16:39] Singing, when you're pregnant, is a lot harder.
  • [21:09] On singing into the female genital? 
  • [23:21] Understand your baby's signals!
  • [25:33] Incorporate music into you and your baby's daily routine through lullabies.
  • [30:34] The Attachment Theory.
  • [34:00] Your soothing method needs to work on you too!
  • [37:29] Music is a missing link to a lot of people.




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