April 21, 2021

EP66- COVID-19 Vaccine for Pregnancy and Families with Kelly Fradin, MD

EP66- COVID-19 Vaccine for Pregnancy and Families with Kelly Fradin, MD

The author of the book, Parenting in a Pandemic, Kelly Fradin, MD, joins us today to share her many insights from the pandemic as a mother and physician. Even though she’s a pediatrician, Kelly admits that she had her fair share of worries and anxiety during the first weeks of lockdowns. From that experience, Kelly explains the fundamentals about vaccines, how to cope with the pandemic induced stressors, what parents and pregnant women need to know about the virus to protect the young, and her book that answers a wide array of questions about the virus that affected millions and millions of lives.


Join us in this episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast and gain information and comfort from what Kelly Fradin, MD, has to share with all of us.


Grocery Carts and Vaccines

When we’re done grocery shopping, and we cart back to our parking spaces to load up the groceries, carts are left everywhere in the parking lot. People just don’t seem to care enough about putting them back. Yes, it can be a long push to the store sometimes, but leaving those carts everywhere can cause inconvenience and sometimes even trouble to the vacant spaces that the cart is occupying. Why are we talking about this? For Dr. Kelly, it’s a problem that we can relate to our situation with the vaccine. Just like putting back carts, the vaccine can also be more of a your-service-to-others thing aside from it being self-protection that you have the right to exercise or not exercise.


Jessica and Kelly’s discussion explains this creative analogy. Returning the cart you used as a grocery shopper shows that you’re doing your part to maintain a co-used space like the grocery and the establishment’s parking lot. With staff around, you can definitely choose not to –and that’s fine. You’re free to choose whatever you think is good for you. But choosing to do so otherwise is also a commendable display of care and sympathy for the public. The same is with vaccine inoculation. When thinking about the vaccine, giving time to examine what it can do for others aside from what it can do to your body can make a profound difference for those that surround you and are vital to you.


Listen more to Kelly Fradin’s discussion of this analogy in this episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast!


About Kelly Fradin, MD:

Dr. Kelly Fradin is a pediatrician, mother of two, and child advocate based in New York City. Originally from Charlotte, NC, she was inspired to become a doctor by her experience surviving childhood cancer. At Harvard College, she received an honors degree in psychology for her thesis on the physiologic response to stress across variable socioeconomic backgrounds.

She graduated from Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York City and completed her pediatric residency at the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore in the Bronx. Subsequently, she joined the faculty, where she cared for children with complex medical conditions inpatient and outpatient, conducted clinical research, and educated medical students and residents.

As she balanced motherhood with medicine, she stepped back from that role to work in a public health capacity with NYC schools in the South Bronx and began sharing parenting and health information on social media. When coronavirus hit, Dr. Fradin published Parenting in a Pandemic: How to help your family through COVID-19 to help inform and empower parents. She has been busy working as a writer, speaker, and consultant ever since.

Outline of the episode:

  • [02:23] The first weeks of the pandemic, as a woman and as a mother.
  • [05:20] What people need to remember about the pandemic.
  • [08:13] On returning grocery carts and getting the vaccine.
  • [11:47] How can this vaccine be safe if it was developed so quickly?
  • [15:49] Updates on the clinical trials involving pregnant women; The protection babies are getting from a vaccinated mother’s breast milk.
  • [21:18] Can the vaccine affect fertility?
  • [26:38] The meaning of Approved for Emergency Use in vaccines.
  • [29:00] A reminder to families going on vacation with children.
  • [31:30] The definition of herd immunity and cocooning.
  • [35:32] The book, Parenting in a Pandemic.


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