April 14, 2021

EP65- How to Plan For the Five Essential Changes in Postpartum with Chelsea Skaggs

EP65- How to Plan For the Five Essential Changes in Postpartum with Chelsea Skaggs

As the founder of Postpartum Together, today Chelsea Skaggs will share several takeaways that we can learn from her experiences with pregnancy, relationships during and after baby, the reality of postpartum, and the different postpartum preparations that women need. If she looks back at all the choices she made and spent time and effort on, present Chelsea would tell her past-pregnant-self to “trust yourself more.” The time she spent on Google and YouTube looking for answers, she believes, was better off spent listening to her intuition more as a woman and a mother –a tip she leaves for all the mothers-to-be out there.


Join us in this episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast and listen to what else Chelsea has to say.


The Five Preparations for Postpartum

Chelsea wants everyone to know that postpartum isn’t only about weight loss and depression. Postpartum can take effect in many different ways. For the average soon-to-be-mother, there are different categories of preparation that need to be taken to prepare for postpartum. Because postpartum can take a toll on mental health, every family’s mental health history must be taken into account to assess any possible concerns that the couple needs to be aware of before giving birth. Emotional preparation is also just as necessary. Identifying the people you choose to turn to in moments you feel depleted must be clear to you and your partner. 


When postpartum occurs, this affects the couple’s relationship just as much as it would the mother. For a couple to prepare for this, they must leave time to talk about responsibilities, love languages, private time, etc. Having concerns for the body is also always expected for women coming out of childbirth. Heavy periods and weak pelvic floors are two common cases that show how essential it is for a mother to be physically and bodily prepared for motherhood. Personal preparation completes this topic. Because the ‘baby blues’ can sometimes feel more like a whirlwind of challenges, setting realistic but kind personal goals shouldn’t be overlooked. Asking questions like, “what drives you” and “what makes you feel like you?” can help you stay more in tune with who you are despite the obstacles of postpartum.


Prepare your mentality, emotions, relationship, body, and self with Chelsea Skaggs in this episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast!


About Chelsea Skaggs:

Chelsea has been featured in Her View From Home, Motherly, Today’s Parent, Scary Mommy, Psychology Today, as well as on podcasts, radio shows, and an upcoming documentary. She can speak at your next virtual or in-person event, create content in video or text for your audience, or join you in a live talk or podcast.


Chelsea thrives in making each audience member feel connected, whether it’s a group of 5 or 500. Now, she looks forward to discussing opportunities to empower mothers at your workplace, publication, event, workshop, or other possible collaboration.


Outline of the episode:

  • [01:57] Why Postpartum Together?
  • [07:36] “Well, a good mom doesn’t need that…”
  • [09:17] You, I, we are all going to need help.
  • [10:39] The friendships you have after baby.
  • [12:40] “Focusing on the baby made me wrote off what my partner was going through.”
  • [14:48] On affirmation, love languages, and advocating for yourself.
  • [17:35] How do you and your partner prepare for changes with intimacy?
  • [18:35] Different ways to better communicate within the relationship.
  • [22:40] How can you prepare for postpartum? – Five areas to prepare.
  • [30:30] What would I tell my pregnant self?


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