Sept. 28, 2022

EP135- Glucose Testing, Gestational Diabetes & Blood Sugar, OH MY! with Katie Dewhurst

EP135- Glucose Testing, Gestational Diabetes & Blood Sugar, OH MY! with Katie Dewhurst

Rarely do we think about managing our blood sugar unless our doctor tells us there is a problem. However, when we are pregnant, we have to get the glucose test to check for gestational diabetes and all of a sudden stress and anxiety sets in.

What if we don't pass the test, what does it mean? How can we make changes now? What should we do on the day of our glucose test?

Today’s guest, Katie Dewhurst struggled herself with her health and nutrition and ended up discovering that by balancing her blood sugar, she felt better than ever. She is now a Functional Medicine, Health Coach Nutritionist, and the Founder of Hello Balance, a digital resource and a cookbook. With her guidance today, we will feel more calm going into our pregnancy and taking that glucose test, knowing that we've already taken the steps to regulate our blood sugar.

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Learn how to balance your blood sugar in preparation for the glucose test in pregnancy in this episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast.



Managing your blood sugar doesn’t have to be hard or overwhelming. You don’t have to count calories or measure your food. It’s more about being intuitive and aware of how you are building your plates and making some general food swaps to add more nutrient dense foods. 

You don’t have to make massive changes all at once either. It’s more about being aware of how emotionally attached we are to food and instead shifting our focus to the nutrients that our body needs to support the development of our baby. There are specific nutrients that help grow their brains and support their development, so if we’re able to shift our focus in trying to consume more foods that support that development, it’ll be easier for us mentally to make those changes. Remembering that it doesn’t have to happen overnight.



Katie is a certified functional medicine health coach specializing in prenatal nutrition, female health, and blood sugar balance. 

She helps her course members optimize their nutrition during pregnancy so they can have the healthiest, strongest, smartest little babies possible. 

Her Hello Baby Prenatal Nutrition Course is recommended, and loved, by functional medicine doctors like Dr. Mark Hyman, and badass millennial women like bossbabe and girlboss. 

She shares blood sugar balancing recipes and science backed tips through her IG, website, and weekly newsletter! 



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