Sept. 21, 2022

EP134- How to Prevent Our Newborns from Falling During Skin to Skin with Founders Hayley & Sarah

EP134- How to Prevent Our Newborns from Falling During Skin to Skin with Founders Hayley & Sarah

When you’re laying in bed postpartum with your newborn on your chest, maybe practicing skin to skin, you never expect that little infant to wiggle off you and fall. This traumatic moment became a reality for one of today's guests, Hayley Mullins, two weeks postpartum. 

This week is Newborn Falls Awareness Week and it’s important for us to realize that newborn falls are much more common than we hear about. Hayley was so empowered to make a change, after having trouble finding a product that would work, that she created a prototype in 3 weeks, which is now called the Joeyband for clinical use and the RooLoop for retail. Hayley and her co-founder, Sarah-Almaza Cox are on the show today to share what can we do to protect our baby from falling postpartum? What is skin to skin? What are the benefits? …and so much more! 

Hayley & Sarah, along with their third co-founder Ashley, have collaborated with the company, Joovy, a global leader in premium products for babies and young children, that is passionate about solving problems and supporting families in order to bring this product into hospitals, as well as into your hands. 


Learn how to prevent newborn falls in this episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast.

*Be sure to check out the link below and use the CODE “mamasintraining25” for 25% OFF your purchase of a RooLoop.



The creation of the RooLoop/Joeyband is changing the way many hospitals are supporting birthing persons postpartum, even for those who experience a cesarean section. It is lowering NICU admissions, lowering narcotic use, lowering the numbers of mamas who are experiencing depression postpartum and raising the breastfeeding rates postpartum. 

If you are giving birth at a hospital that does not yet use the Joeyband, ask them about it and maybe encourage them to try it out. You could potentially be the start of a huge change at your birthing hospital or birthing center. In the meantime, you can purchase a RooLoop for yourself for peace of mind and comfort in order to snuggle your infant postpartum with less stress at the link below.



Hayley Mullins is the inventor of the RooLoop and Joeyband, a product (design) that is clinically proven to support skin-to-skin and prevent infant falls.  Mullins and her sister, Ashley Wade, brought the product to life in 2013, after experiencing a newborn fall at home.  Sarah-Almaza Cox rounded out the founding team shortly after, and the trio is working to change the standard of care in Hospitals, with Joeyband.  Now, with an exciting partnership with Joovy, the RooLoop is widely available and easily accessible to families everywhere.

Sarah-Almaza Cox is an experienced business builder in the healthcare sector, having helped build 3 successful global healthcare companies from the ground-up. Sarah is passionate about opening doors for women-identifying entrepreneurs and building community. Sarah is currently a co-founder at Joeyband and does freelance work in Women's Health. 



Purchase a RooLoop:

*Use CODE: mamasintraining25 for 25% OFF!


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