Sept. 14, 2022

EP132- How to Navigate Grief & Loss During a Pregnancy or Birth with Jessica Patoka

EP132- How to Navigate Grief  & Loss During a Pregnancy or Birth with Jessica Patoka

What if we experience loss or grief during our pregnancy or around our birth? We envision the birth of our baby to be a joyous, beautiful, celebratory time. However, if loss or grief comes up around the same time, how do we navigate polar opposite emotions at the same time?

For today’s guest, Jessica Patoka, the loss of one life and the birth of another are celebrated the same time every year and it’s impossible to know how she overcame such polarity of emotion at the same time. She shares with us the tools that keep her grounded and how she practiced presence during such a challenging time. By hearing Jessica’s story, we will find comfort knowing that we can experience loss and grief at the same time of great joy and discover solid ground again. We will learn the importance of taking care of ourselves throughout motherhood.


Learn how to overcome grief and loss during a time of great joy in this episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast.



Loss is never something that is easy to experience. It’s even harder to go through loss when we are pregnant, giving birth or are postpartum and celebrating such joy and such grief around the same time every year can be heart-wrenching. It is important for us to have tools like therapy, journaling, or something bigger than us like faith to rely on in order to get us through. It is never easy to suffer grief, but having tools like these help us to remain present and grateful for what we do have and it helps to ground us again. 



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