June 29, 2022

EP122- How to Adopt with PRIDE with Zack & Matt

EP122- How to Adopt with PRIDE with Zack & Matt

If you're considering adoption, it can come with a lot of unknowns and uncertainties. For the month of June, in honor of PRIDE month, we're sharing the adoption perspective from a same-sex couple. 

Are you an LGBTQ+ couple that's curious about becoming parents? Maybe you're considering adoption. Maybe you are a single person looking to adopt on your own? OR are you in a heterosexual relationship and want to know how to speak to your children about LGBT+ families? 

Well, today's couple Zack and Matt are here to speak to the additional challenges, fears, and hurdles that they've had to overcome when becoming parents. They share how to navigate the anxiety of adoption. And how we can prepare If adoption is right for us.  


Learn about parenthood through adoption and the lens of inclusion in this episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast.


Adoption can come with a lot of uncertainty and unknowns. It can be hard to know how to prepare and be ready at any moment, but also be patient for a potential long road. Zack & Matt experienced this first hand and give us some tools to prepare emotionally as well as logistically in this episode. It is an emotional rollercoaster when adopting, but these two figured out how to navigate it and now as they start the adoption process for their second child, they are much more equipped. 

If you are considering adoption, there are also two essential points to keep in mind, the agency you choose and the community with which you surround yourself. These foundational supports can really make all the difference. Zack & Matt share how both their agency and their community lifted them up many times and helped them through a stressful journey. 



Book recommendations for ALL families to celebrate LGBTQ+ families:

My Two Dads and Me: https://smile.amazon.com/My-Two-Dads-Michael-Joosten/dp/0525580107/ref=sr_1_4?crid=I4LXROT0GS1M&keywords=two+dads+book&qid=1655667141&sprefix=two+dads+book%2Caps%2C62&sr=8-4

The Family Book: https://smile.amazon.com/Family-Book-Todd-Parr/dp/0316070408/ref=sr_1_14?crid=I4LXROT0GS1M&keywords=two+dads+book&qid=1655667141&sprefix=two+dads+book%2Caps%2C62&sr=8-14

And Tango Makes Three: https://smile.amazon.com/Tango-Makes-Three-Classic-Board/dp/1481446959/ref=sr_1_3?crid=3J24J8LVD0CYL&keywords=gay+penguin+book&qid=1655667200&sprefix=gay+penguin+book%2Caps%2C52&sr=8-3

Love Makes a Family: https://smile.amazon.com/Love-Makes-Family-Sophie-Beer/dp/052555422X/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3H41HYB8FTV0D&keywords=love+makes+a+family&qid=1655667211&sprefix=love+makes+a+family%2Caps%2C56&sr=8-1


Organizations for education and support of LGBTQ+ families:

Family Equality: https://www.familyequality.org/

COLAGE: https://www.colage.org/

PFLAG: https://pflag.org/

Follow them on INSTAGRAM: @samdadanddaddy



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