June 15, 2022

EP120- Should I Get a Doula? with Heidi Snyderburn of Birth Story Media

EP120- Should I Get a Doula? with Heidi Snyderburn of Birth Story Media

What does a Doula do? What is the importance of a doula? Why can’t our partners support us like a doula?

Aside from encouraging you, reminding you of your strength, preparing cool cloths, maybe with essential oils or playing your favorite music, a doula can physically help move and adjust your body to manage the pain of labor and can even support you to have a vaginal birth, if you so desire.

While our partners can be there for our birth and support us for sure, they TOO have a lot of emotions, fears and distractions going on. It can be hard for them to be 100% fully focused on your needs. However a doula or “mother servant”’ is there for you and you alone. 


Learn the impact a doula can have on your birth experience in this episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast!



You might think that having a doula is excessive and you don’t have the budget for it. However, Heidi Snyderburn busts that myth for us in this episode. She shares with us multiple ways to find a doula for a reasonable, discounted or even a free volunteer doula!

Some great ways to find a reasonable insurance are: 

  1. Check your insurance! 30% of insurance plans cover doula care.
  2. If a doula is an official business entity, they might accept flexible spending from a health account.
  3. Look into doulas who are in training. They need to get birth training in and will either volunteer their time or are offering discounted rates.
  4. Find a new doula who still has low rates looking for reviews.
  5. Look for "community doulas" who are retired or have moved on from an official business and only volunteer as a doula.



I was a Doula for 9 years before becoming a mom myself and my own birth completed the circle for me of divine birthing. I have two boys (unless they tell me otherwise) and each birth was very different...medicated and natural childbirth. I would love to share my birth stories with you. I love Charlotte NC, chai lattes, flip flops, long hair, doulas, being a doula, playing and coaching soccer, long runs when it is not too hot or too cold, camping and bonfires, poetry, dancing, smiling, playing with my boys and dog, positive energy, sushi, recycling, waterfalls, writing in my journal, hot yoga, talking, writing birth stories, podcasting, massaging, throwing pottery, giving every piece of my time and energy that I have to spare away, serving God and loving people. I am all about you and your baby. I love pregnancy and pregnant women. Every day I wake up thankful to be a mom and a Doula. This year I authored my first pregnancy journal and birth story book. 

I hope you will read it! BirthStory.com I hope your childbirth story may become part of my collection of birth stories.



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