June 1, 2022

EP118- You're Pregnant! Now What?! with Kallista Andersen

EP118- You're Pregnant! Now What?! with Kallista Andersen

When you get pregnant, you might start thinking… Now what?! Where do I start? 

There is so much to think about and it can be overwhelming to know where to start. By the end of this episode, you will have a roadmap to guide you. When Type A mama, Kallista Andersen was pregnant, she felt overconfident and was more than ready. However, life didn't go quite as planned and she found herself exhausted and lost postpartum. Then, just four months postpartum, she got news that left her stunned. 

Listen to hear what rocked Kallista's world and what she learned from that experience, on this episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast.



We learn from Kallista the 5 S’s that are essential to touch on when preparing for a pregnancy & newborn that sets you up for much more success than only focusing on the Pinterest perfect nursery. 

The 5 S's:






Certain steps should happen in certain trimesters based on how you’re feeling and what you’re experiencing physically. These S’s can give you a solid foundation for the steps to take, making sure that you are present physically, emotionally and mentally.



Kallista helps pregnant mamas get ready for their baby by preparing their self, space, and significant other. She does so through her podcast, The New Mom Boss Podcast, as well as coaching, and online course New Mom Prep School. Kallista is a Registered Nurse, a Certified Lactation Counselor, and is a mom of 3. 

Her dedication to helping first-time moms was born when she had her first 2 kids 13 months apart -- experiencing the new mom phase back to back. It is her mission to make preparing to be a new mom simple and thorough so that women can enter motherhood with confidence and joy so that they can build a strong bond with their baby. 



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