May 11, 2022

EP115- Your Babies' Skin: How to Heal Eczema & Cradle Cap with Shubhangini Prakash

EP115- Your Babies' Skin: How to Heal Eczema & Cradle Cap with Shubhangini Prakash

What if you could heal eczema & cradle cap with only 3 natural ingredients? 

Sensitive and irritated skin is very common for our little ones since their skin is still thin and developing. Typically when it happens, we're told to use products with a thousand ingredients that half the time we can't pronounce or worse, a steroid cream that thins the skin even more. After Shubhangini Prakash struggled to heal her son’s eczema, she decided to solve the problem on her own. She created a product that had three simple, natural ingredients that actually come from the earth and cleared up the eczema in just one day! She is on a mission to share with mamas the importance of knowing the ingredients on the products we use for babies’ skin. 

Listen in to learn the importance of knowing ingredients and how she can help you solve this problem for your future baby on this episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast.



Most of the common products we tend to use on our babies’ skin, especially lotion, are made up of roughly 90% water. There are many reasons why companies do this, but the scary part is that water can rot when it’s on the shelf for too long and then we’re putting this rotting water onto our babies’ skin. In addition, these lotions and body washes tend to strip moisture and then put it back all at once, with the use of water. 

It would be so much easier for us to just eliminate the addition of water, but that means production on a high level would be much more complicated and in this busy world, the large corporations are looking for fast production at a high level. However, there are other products that we can use that are simple and pure and Shubhangini has created them! Since these products contain only 3 ingredients, they have a longer shelf life than normal body washes and lotions, naturally! They also never strip moisture, they only apply moisture and for our little ones, moisture is most important. 



Shubhangini is a consumer and a mom, just like you. She isn’t a chemist or a marketer, she is an everyday person who had a bad reaction to a store bought product. She got frustrated with the lack of transparency and launched Feather & Bone. She is fun loving light hearted person who genuinely wants to make the world a better place one Face Gem at a time.



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