May 4, 2022

EP114- How to Find Fitness in Pregnancy & Postpartum with Kendra Fitzgerald & Nicole Coons

EP114- How to Find Fitness in Pregnancy & Postpartum with Kendra Fitzgerald & Nicole Coons

How are you moving your body now, during pregnancy that will help prepare you to move your body postpartum?

There are many questions surrounding fitness in pregnancy and postpartum... What we can/should do, When we can start, How should fitness look? It's overwhelming to navigate on your own, but we’re here to solve that problem. Kendra Fitzgerald & Nicole Coons are two sisters who created Devoted Mamas, with a mission to help moms minimize the impact of pregnancy & birth on their bodies. They have over 15 years of experience in the world of fitness, health and mindfulness and of course, they are both moms!

Even with this fitness experience, after both of their first pregnancies, postpartum looked very different than they expected both physically and mentally. From postpartum depression to prolapse, these sisters have been there and have found a solution for us to find our way to fitness during our pregnancy and into postpartum.


Learn how to be strong in  your pregnancy and recover and heal in postpartum in this episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast.



Kendra & Nicole collaborated with the fitness app, The Daily Burn to bring you the perfect workout as you enter motherhood, Baby Bump & Beyond. It is a unique and comprehensive workout program that starts at 13 weeks of pregnancy and takes you all the way through your pregnancy, including birth preparation and practice and into 6 weeks of postpartum recovery. 

The sisters put together their personal experience as moms who went through it, along with their fitness experience to help women feel strong through their journey of motherhood. The program moves along with you, as you progress through your pregnancy and postpartum, so you know how to get strong for birth and then heal and recover postpartum. 



Kendra Fitzgerald is a pregnancy & postpartum corrective exercise specialist as well as a personal trainer & running coach.

Certifications: PCES, CES-TBMM, CPT, CYT

Kendra focuses on alignment, proper form and corrective exercise to help her clients live pain free.


Nicole Coons is a trauma-informed and prenatal/postpartum yoga teacher, pregnancy and postpartum corrective exercise specialist as well as a childbirth educator.

Certifications: PCES, CYT/ CPYT

She has a passion for movement, mindfulness and personal growth.


Check out the program, Baby Bump & Beyond and The Daily Burn here! 

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Kendra Fitzgerald & Nicole Coons: Devoted Mamas



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