March 30, 2022

EP109- What is Mastitis and How to Heal with Katie & Elise from Your Two Jugs

EP109- What is Mastitis and How to Heal with Katie & Elise from Your Two Jugs

It is more common than you’d think to experience a condition such as Mastitis during postpartum. However, we are greatly uneducated about what it is and how we can heal from it if we suffer from it. Not only that, but there are also ways we can prevent it and look for early signs so we can catch it before it makes us severely ill, like it did to one of this week’s guests, Katie Willy! In learning from her experience, Katie and her business partner, Elise Fuller, created Your Two Jugs. A company with a fun name but a serious focus on healing and solving all your breast concerns. 

Learn how to navigate the serious condition called Mastitis and prepare yourself, in case you ever have to battle it in this episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast. 


What is Mastitis?

Mastitis is an inflammatory condition of the lobes of the breast. It can develop to be infectious, but this doesn't always occur. Many women experience it postpartum, but we are severely uneducated on what the symptoms are and what care we can receive for it.

Symptoms of Mastitis can be very similar to that of postpartum exhaustion, but it comes on much more intensely and it’s important to not underestimate the feelings. Symptoms can take over your body within 24 hours, so it’s imperative that we keep a close eye on our body, how it’s reacting postpartum and what feels out of the norm.

There are several things you can do when diagnosed with mastitis that don’t only include taking an antibiotic, which is sometimes necessary. In this episode, we learn all about the ways you can help yourself through Mastitis from Dr. Katie & Dr. Elise. Most importantly, we learn the number one thing we can do as aspiring and expecting moms to help prevent and prepare against Mastitis. 

About Dr Elise Fuller & Dr Katie Willy

Developed by two Aussie Osteopaths, Elise & Katie, who realized that their clinical boob obsession was actually a thing. A thing that could potentially help millions of women learn how to be their own breast-friend.

​​Katie, in 2012 thought her left boob was going to spontaneously combust with a wicked 10-day bout of mastitis. Completely debilitated & unable to care for her baby there was no clear avenue she could find to learn how to get herself out of this breast mess. Imagine if she knew what she knows now.

And Elise? Well her story is, she got a gig at Katie’s clinic and consequently over-exposed to boobs and how cool they are. But realized quickly how under-supported breastfeeding boobs are in a mother’s knowledge bank. And although not a mum herself, Elise’s undeniable empathy only strengthened her drive to make an impact on women's health.

Your Two Jugs is about Solutions.


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