March 16, 2022

EP107- How to Handle the Unknowns of a Birth Defect in Pregnancy with Caity Robertson

EP107- How to Handle the Unknowns of a Birth Defect in Pregnancy with Caity Robertson

How to Handle the Unknowns of a Birth Defect in Pregnancy with Caity Robertson 

It can be very hard to stay positive when you receive information that your baby will be born with a birth defect. And while we never know what exactly to expect or how we’re going to feel, hearing Caity’s story will empower you to conquer whatever unfolds in your story with determination, strength, and the support of a strong community. In this episode, Caity Robertson shares her journey through pregnancy, how she handled the situation after receiving the news at 20 weeks, as well as their postpartum journey to help YOU find confidence and comfort handling whatever unfolds on your journey.

Get inspired by a mama who has gone through an unexpected journey in this episode of The Mamas in Training Podcast with Caity Robertson. 


How to Handle the Unexpected During Pregnancy 

What do you do when you get the news that something is not normal during your pregnancy? This week’s guest Caity Robertson got the news at her 20 week scan that her baby might have a cleft palate that turned the world upside down. Not to mention that it was at the height of the pandemic. She also had to give birth without her doula, whom she adored. However, Caity found a way to shift the negative to the positive and, in the end, had the most beautiful pregnancy and birthing journey. 

Caity could have allowed the news to ruin her joy, but she chose otherwise. Tune in to this episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast and hear her first reaction to meeting her sweet son Hunter. It was not quite what you would expect. 


About Caity Robertson:

Caity Robertson resides on Gold Coast and runs three businesses from home, including The Living the Abundant Way, which is all about encouraging you to live your best, most natural, and chemical-free lifestyle. Caity found out about her pregnancy a day before she got on a flight to America for her mum's sixtieth birthday, which was a surprise to her. They were planning to stay a little longer without children since they had been married for just a year.  

Caity shares her pregnancy journey, how she and her partner struggled once their son was born, and how they worked through communication challenges and assumptions. Let's learn from her experience and be empowered on how we can remain strong even when faced with struggles.  


Outline of the episode:

  • [02:00] Caity's pregnancy and the cleft palate news at 20 weeks 
  • [06:32] How Caity processed the news and the emotions while still caring for her pregnancy
  • [15:00] What Caity would have done differently to handle the situation better 
  • [08:45] Staying empowered through pregnancy and going into birthing in a positive way 
  • [19:31] Why Caity was disappointed at birth and how she handled the situation 
  • [26:28] Breastfeeding loss grief and how to navigate through it 
  • [31:24] Setting your expectations with your partner after the baby is born 
  • [36:17] Living the abundant way and how Caity help women live their best lives  






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