March 2, 2022

EP105- The Impact of Hormones and Gut Health in Pregnancy & Postpartum with Lahana Vigliano

EP105- The Impact of Hormones and Gut Health in Pregnancy & Postpartum with Lahana Vigliano

There is a strong correlation between the gut and hormones. The food we eat has a direct impact on the bacteria that reside in our gut. If this gut biome becomes unbalanced, it can lead to hormonal imbalances and fertility problems. In this episode, Lahana shares how our gut and hormones impact our fertility and how we can support them in and through motherhood. 

Listen and learn how to nip everything in the bud before an issue arises in this episode of the Mamas in Training Podcast with Lahana Vigliano!


How The Gut Impacts Our Hormones

How many times per day do you poop? Do you poop everyday or every other day? This is something we need to consider, and it all comes back to our gut. This is an important topic today and in Lahana's eyes, understanding the importance of your gut health and how it impacts your motherhood journey is key. The gut is a major player in our hormone health, and when it’s out of balance, it negatively influences the level of sex hormones in your body.

Today's episode is not about diet or how to lose weight. It’s all about how we can start living a more holistic life today so that our hormones, which are drastically affected throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, can be optimally supported. Lahana shares that it all starts with what you put in your body, and you should focus on your gut before jumping into your hormones. Advocating for yourself and supporting your gut health is critical for a successful pregnancy and transition to postpartum.

What happens to the hormones and gut when we consume an optimal diet? And what does this mean to our fertility and motherhood journey? Hear from Lahana in this episode of the Mamas in Training podcast!


About Lahana Vigliano:

Lahana Vigliano is the CEO of Nuvitru Wellness and a board certified clinical nutritionist. She holds a Bachelor of Nutrition Science degree and is almost finished with her Masters of Human Nutrition + Functional Medicine. She is passionate about women's health, especially gut health + hormones! She is obsessed with natural remedies, research, reading, weight lifting, and cooking. Outside of work, she is a mother of two and wife. Her family is the inspiration behind Nuvitru and continues to encourage her through everything.

In today’s episode, she educates us about the impact of our hormones and our gut on fertility, pregnancy, and the postpartum experience. Your diet determines the impact your gut has on your hormones, and this plays an important role in your fertility and motherhood journey.   

There is a lot of misinformation about how diet affects hormones during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. But it’s not complicated. Lahana was a teen mum having her first child at 18, and at that time, she didn’t think much about hormones or gut health, but she has learned a lot since then. 

Listen to the latest episode, where Lahana chatted with Jessica!


Outline of the episode:

  • [02:29] Lahana Vigliano – on gut. hormones and motherhood 
  • [04:05] What are hormones, and how they impact our motherhood
  • [06:54] How we can support our hormones  
  • [10:10] The connection between hormonal and emotional health 
  • [11:22] How Lahana tests for hormones using Dutch test 
  • [15:15] When and who can do hormone testing 
  • [16:36] Advocating for yourself to support your fertility health 
  • [18:27] Why you should focus on your gut first before jumping into your hormones
  • [21:41] How to differentiate between what is normal and what it’s not 
  • [23:24] How to prepare your gut and hormones for pregnancy  
  • [28:14] Things you should consider through pregnancy to postpartum 
  • [30:59] How to do detoxing during pregnancy and postpartum
  • [32:45] Lahana recommendations — ABS for fertility and optimal holistic health  
  • [36:11] Nuvitru – What they offer and how you can connect with them 








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